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Here’s a stack of reasons why Cessnock is a great place to build:

The Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia houses the peaceful city of Cessnock. It is about 52 km away from the road west of Newcastle. The Cessnock Estate was initially owned by John Campbell, which was given a grant back in 1826. The administrative center of the City of Cessnock LGA is there too. The local area of this region was called “The Coalfields” and served as the gateway to other vineyards cities. The Hunter Valley to be specific that also included Mount View, Rothbury, Pokolbin, Branxton, Broke, and Lovedale.

The city is now a small but peaceful area proving to be a great place to live. However, the housing crisis in Australia has hit many across the country. The chair of Homelessness Australia, Jenny Smith suggests that building more affordable homes might be the only way to bring people out of this crisis. Many have chosen to live in accommodation since they cannot afford a home.

Here’s some facts:

  • The Homelessness Crisis

    According to a census conducted recently, this is a great challenge for the people of Australia since 116,000 people are homeless. This number keeps rising, showing that people are unable to afford their own home. She further explained that the number keeps rising because the private rental market is becoming expensive every day. This makes it impossible for people with low incomes to afford a home.

    In 2018 alone, 288,000 people had to go to Homelessness Australia for services. This was a four percent increase in number from the previous year. She further said that people who avail of the services were forced to stay at the crisis accommodation for months on end. Some even end up staying for years since getting their own house looks impossible.

    Individuals who face crisis end up living in those accommodations for such a long time because they are unable to find an exit. The only possible solution is to build more homes that are affordable. Building a bigger homelessness facility would only increase the influx without an exit. Resulting in an increase in the crisis. According to the report by the Federal Government of Australia, there are about 190,000 people on the social housing waiting list.

  • Affordable Housing Projects

    Launch Housing in Melbourne has requested the government to provide a solution to this problem. They suggested that the government-owned land available in the city be utilized to build affordable homes. These housing project idea spread across the country and many houses are being built since 2018.

    A lot of unused lands owned by the government are sitting across Australia. Even though private companies are taking up these housing projects, they are cheap. This solution simply ends the crisis of homelessness across all major and smaller cities in the country. These self-sufficient structures help people sleeping rough life in their own accommodation.

    In Victoria alone, about 25,000 people are homeless and about 1100 go through a rough night. One success is of a woman named Deborah. For the first time in her life, she has been accommodated into her own affordable home. She has been homeless since the age of 13. In Hobart, over 3300 people are on the waiting list of social housing. This number has not gone down but the demand has increased over the years. The homelessness crisis has two reasons that the officials have recognized. One being those men who are unable to work on a stable job because of health and addiction issues. Two being those women who are affected by family violence and relationship breakdowns. Affordable housing seems like the only solution in such a dreadful crisis.

  • Builders in Cessnock

    A huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of builders and developers. If you are looking to build your affordable home in Cessnock NSW, you have come to the right place. We have a deep understanding of the present problems at hand and understand affordability. All you need is a plan and a reliable team to build your dream home. The process of planning is important as it takes into consideration the land. The way this land can be used and developed to its full potential. Planning also takes into consideration how the construction would affect the surrounding area. The building regulations must be followed through for maximum with safe construction practices.

  • Building Inspection

    Following the construction plan and practices, a building inspection is necessary. It is recommended that a building should be inspected for new home buyers, property investors, vendors, commercial clients, and property managers. The importance of a building inspection can be emphasized enough. It helps in identifying all major and minor defects in the building. It also helps to point out ant safety hazards. You will be able to plan your repairs and maintenance after the inspection. It helps you be better equipped with present problems at your house before they worsen.

    If you wish to get a renovation, an inspection will help you plan it. There could be a present asbestos issue in the house; you would be able to identify it. Moreover, a building inspection will help you identify any pests or possible termites issue.

Some Of Our Designs

Explore our affordable range of floor plans or maybe design one yourself using our modular options. Your choices are unlimited at Grouse House Newcastle!

The Bilby MkII

  • Two Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Open Plan
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Granny Flat Zoning
  • Insulated
  • Built In Robes

The Banksia MKIII

  • 3 Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Built In Robes
  • Porch
  • Open Plan Dining
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Designs
Home Builder Newcastle
  • 4 Bedroom
  • Ensuite
  • Patio
  • Walk-In-Robe
  • Built-ins
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Desings

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Grouse House Cessnock

We have more than a decade of building affordable houses and granny flats experience. We work on maintaining quality while helping you to choose the right location. Most of our designs include the bushland backdrops of Cessnock in mind. This allows your home to perfectly complement the local area. Although our specialty is building granny flats and affordable homes, we also build the following houses. You can trust us to build you the perfect kit home, transportable home, relocatable home, acreage home, prefabricated home, and project home.

The biggest factor that prevents any homebuyers from getting their own home is the budget. Some may believe that a low budget means compromising on quality. That is not the case if you build with us. Grouse House Cessnock is the perfect solution provider to the homelessness problem of the country.

  • Granny Flats & Affordable Housing

Our work follows a meticulous procedure where our team works with you through each step. Since our speciality is building granny flats and affordable houses, we will first understand your requirements. Once you book an appointment with us, our team will set a meeting with you and your family. Understanding your needs will be our first priority. Then comes your budget. We will be able to give you the right advice about the location and the size of the house you need. Everything will be as per your requirements. Rest assured about the quality as our focus would be on building the best housing solution for you.

The design element is also very important since it speaks volumes about your home. Your house will become your home if you design it just right – according to your tastes. The plan will be detailed up to the timeline with a professional plan. Our services will also include getting your Council or Certifier approval for your home.

After that, you will get a quote, which you are allowed to consult among other builders to help you, choosing the right one. Since we do not have any hidden charges, we are confident that our work will satisfy you. Our quotes and advice are free with no obligation. We have a long list of satisfied clients who are living in their own affordable homes.

  • First Homeowner Grant

We understand that building your own home is not an easy task. When you buy or build your own home, payment by cash is always considered first. There is good news for first-time buyers in Australia. The government offers the first homeowner’s grant in almost all the states. The same goes for homeowners in Cessnock.

The government considers several factors and in order to eliminate the homelessness issue from the country, they are quite lax. Depending on the state on which you plan to build your home, your grant can range from $7000 to $25,000. These grants are available for both building a new home or buying an already built one. Getting in touch with us will also help you analyze your own grant options in Cessnock. Making the decision of buying your first home is a big one. It is the dream of many and not only in Australia but across the world. The real estate market is a huge one with complicated vicissitudes across the globe. When you build with us, we will help you identify the trends and advice with the best possibilities.

Another point to remember when choosing Grouse House Cessnock is that you will be working with a local backed by us. Locals will understand the problems well just like you. However, you have nothing to worry about since all our team members are professionals.

  • Customizing the Home Design

We at Grouse House Cessnock support and encourage customization in the home designs we offer. This helps us build your first dream home. You can add or remove anything you like as long as it stays within the budget. Most clients prefer customizing the colours and fittings of the outdoor areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Nothing gives us more pleasure than giving our clients what they love.

6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Building A New Home In Cessnock with us:


Build out the back with a Granny Flat or multiple homes on one block. Beat the banks for a better return!

First Home Buyers

Government grants make aquiring a new home easier than ever!

Retirement Home

Don't get your money stuck in someone elses share portfolio! Build your own retirement home and stay in control!


Build a cost effective solution to your space problems with a Grouse House Granny Flat and get some peace and quiet on your terms.


A simple effective way to increase your retirement income and spend less time cleaning a big empty home or more time fishing, reading, wining-dining and relaxing!

Home Lending

*We've got your financials covered with one of the best mortgage brokens in Australia. Better than the banks!

Retirees and first home buyers

We respect your investment:

  • Apart from a milestone, building a house is probably the biggest investment anyone makes in their lifetime. And, we understand this emotion. For many people, it means investing their life savings in a project. It is a difficult decision to make because people need some sort of assurance that their hard-earned money is taken care of.

    As the leading builder on the Central Coast, we understand the fact and take special care to protect your trust. This is the reason why we include our valued consumers through each and every activity. Also, we don’t believe in imposing our ideas on the consumers. We make every effort to understand their specific needs and goals. As such, we build homes that meet their requirements and expectations.

There has never been a better time to build a new home on the Cessnock than the present!

You deserve to build a home you can be proud of!

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