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Considering a New Home or Granny Flat in Port Stephens?

Before you commit to any home building contract in Port Stephens you should read this:

In today’s building and construction industry, getting a house built is incredibly expensive and complex. Builders often overlook the quality and materials being used in construction. Grouse House has completely changed the home builder game. Focusing on quality and affordability, getting a home for yourself in Port Stephens has become incredibly efficient and easy.

No matter whether you’re looking for,if its an investment property, trying to find residential space for college, Airbnb, holiday home or in need of a beautiful retirement home, we’ve got you covered. With a wide range of applications, our houses and granny flats are the best all of Port Stephens has to offer.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Why Choose Us?

    We offer incredibly professional building services for the residents of Port Stephens using only high-quality materials and the best builders in the industry. Because of this our service is incomparable. With amazing designs and super-efficient building techniques, our builders are skilled professionals who’re going to make sure every single one of your requirements is fulfilled completely.

  • You can use one of our plans, have a design you have in mind drafted or bring us your plans. We’re happy to accommodate your requirements and make the building process as simple and effortless as possible.


  • Our Main Goal

    The main goal at Grouse House is to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to have their own homes built no matter what budget they have so that they can live a healthy and respectful life in a satisfactory and beautiful living space. In order to achieve this goal, we use the best materials and fittings for the interior and exterior of your house. All you need to do is contact us for a zero BS down to earth chat so we can evaluate your circumstances and put a plan into action before we start a construction contract.

What We Offer

Affordable building solutions for new homes and granny flats. We offer solutions to people from all walks of life, turning your your ideas into reality is what we do best.  We extend our products and services to accommodate everyone.

If we talk about some of the major building solutions that we provide, here they are.

  1. Floor Plans

    Before the construction of any beautiful and stylish modern home, the perfect floor plan must be created. In order to create the perfect floor plan, we have architects and designers who’re going to advise you what you need and also take your suggestions to provide you the final plan of your incredibly cheap and affordable quality home. Built with the best builders in Port Stephens, your home is going to be exactly the way you want for the right price.

  2. Granny Flats

    Granny flats or accessory dwelling units are one of our strong points. Whether you want an excessive attached housing space for a guest house or for an elder in your house, you can get it built with Grouse House Granny Flat builders. For the best and most affordable price in the market, we’re going to build you the flat of your dreams. If you’re looking to retire and save some money on expensive houses and rentals, you can reach us and get an affordable, adequate, stylish, and high-quality living space with the help of Grouse House.

  3. Work Rooms

    We don’t only offer granny flats. Our interior designers who you’ll be contacted by after accepting our quote will guide you completely depending upon the use of the space. With the help of good advice, you’re going to be able to use your space for work and office purposes as well. If you’re a resident of Port Stephens, you’re lucky because Grouse House offers their incredible services for the ease and satisfaction of all Port Stephens’ residents.

    The interior design will be exactly your choice. For a low cost price, you’ll be able to create your own little workspace in your house. All you have to do is choose Grouse House builders for your building needs.

  4. Entertainment Spaces

    We also offer design plans and construction for entertainment spaces. You can choose to create a gaming room or a simple studio or music space if you want to. Grouse House understands your needs and requirements. It could be that your house doesn’t have enough space to fit your hobbies. Therefore, with the help of our highly professional and skilled building team, we’ll help you build your hobby or entertainment room exactly according to your individual needs so you can sit back and relax or finally get that man cave you were looking for!

    These are just some of the construction ideas we offer, there are many more as well, and depending upon your usage, you can simply contact our team and they’ll guide you through the entire process without any problems.

  5. Who Can Choose To Build Their Homes with Us

    Still unsure? Well, let’s talk about the budget. Our services are mainly for people who’re looking to spend less on residential space and more on their savings. Therefore, we cater to the needs of retirees to struggling workers as well as college students. Our market ranges from investors to first home buyers and that is why we provide everyone with an accurate quotation depending upon their needs. Here are some of the common occupations our former satisfied customers have had below:

  6. First Home Buyers

    If you’ve decided to buy your first ever house and want to live the dream of owning a house then we suggest that you come to Grouse House Builders in Port Stephens. We’re going to make sure that this home-owning journey of yours starts with the best quality home and interior. With the best fittings, materials, tools, and themes, completing construction right on time, you’re going to be incredibly satisfied by our work.

  7. Investors

    No matter if you’re a startup investor or a big-time organization, we’re going to provide excellent value for money and use the best designs and floor plans along with exteriors and interiors. With your investment, you’re going to get the highest quality house created especially according to all the demands and requirements put forth by you.

  8. Retirees

    If you’re thinking about retiring from your professional career and want to spend less money on living than Port Stephens offers in rental apartments, you’re welcome to Grouse House’s customer’s list. With the help of our cheap prices and incredible quality, you’re going to be able to save extra money and live a high life in one of your own stylish and modern retiree houses.

  9. College Students

    One of the most common customer types that approach us is college students. Our superior equipment and materials along with low expenses are exactly what students are looking for. We build living spaces for students who’re going to college and don’t have enough money to spend on high-quality living spaces for rent or purchase. If you’re also a student in Port Stephens, Grouse House are the only builders that you need for your home-owning dreams.

  • Reliable & trustworthy

    We are a reliable, experienced, and trusted builders in Newcastle. If you are looking for a home builder or trying to identify some granny flat builders in and around Newcastle, you should look no further and give Grouse House Homes selected builders in Newcastle a chance to present you a quotation for all your small and big building projects. With us, you will have a hassle-free building experience. Our building contractors level of experience extends by many decades and there are hundreds of happy clients across the city who will vouch for our immaculate business practices. With us, you are assured of a painless experience.  

    So, here we are! A bunch of trustworthy and experienced locals with decades of experience in building homes for our clients in various parts of Newcastle city, its suburbs and satellite cities. We have a true passion for quality construction and delivering homes that match our client’s imagination.

Some Of Our Designs

Explore our affordable range of floor plans or maybe design one yourself using our modular options. Your choices are unlimited at Grouse House Newcastle!

The Bilby MkII

  • Two Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Open Plan
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Granny Flat Zoning
  • Insulated
  • Built In Robes

The Banksia MKIII

  • 3 Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Built In Robes
  • Porch
  • Open Plan Dining
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Designs
Home Builder Newcastle
  • 4 Bedroom
  • Ensuite
  • Patio
  • Walk-In-Robe
  • Built-ins
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Desings

Herbert j Field ~ Director

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Granny Flat Builder Port Stephens NSW

Building Your Home - The Process

Why Building With Us Can Save You A Lot Of Panadol:

Now that you’ve finally chosen us as your builders. The process of construction is going to start. We’ve divided the construction process into different divisions in order to provide you accurate knowledge of the easy and efficient process that Grouse House uses to accommodate their customer needs.

  • Making a home in Newcastle

    Newcastle is a beautiful and quiet city with roughly 3000 people. It measures approximately 4.9 sq km. With 18 parks taking up 7% of its total area, Newcastle is a great place to make one’s home, especially for the retired people and first home buyers. For property investors, it’s a good and safe bet to invest in properties that lie only about 2 hours drive from Australian capital Sydney. It can also be a great place to make a home for people who want to downsize their living units and free up their investments from large units and keep the money in bank or invest elsewhere.

  • Proximity to Sydney

    The importance of a home in Newcastle can never be underestimated. Looking just out of Tasman Sea, it’s only about 2 hours of drive (117 km from Sydney CBD) from Australia’s capital Sydney. It has a long history of an industrial city but that’s on the wane now. Today, it is a thriving hub of office workers and professionals. Among the chief attractions include water-sports, fresh salt air, education, and eating out. Your new home in Newcastle is likely to have a water view as the place is virtually sandwiched between the Tasman Sea and the Hunter River region.

    The Newcastle metropolitan area has the second largest population in the New South Wales state. It includes Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and is evolving into Greater Newcastle that would include Cessnock, Maitland, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast. Newcastle is a major port and is located close to where the Hunter River meets the Tasman Sea.

  • Property trends

    While new constructions are dominated by modern apartments, Newcastle still has the Victorian style terrace houses. High-rises dominate the skyline and compete for a glimpse of either the river or the sea. The apartments are available in a range of styles and they represent different times and dominant cultural themes of the changing times such as culture, art deco, bricks, and curvaceous structures.

    Separate standalone houses can be built a little out of the town, in the nearby suburbs. You can find many beautiful homes designed by famous architects. But if you are used to the conveniences that come with a city life, it’s not easy to go much far from Newcastle.

  • Commute Easily

    Newcastle with all its laid back charm is a great place even if you work in Sydney and need to commute every day. But you can also work locally and many people choose to earn their living this way.

    So far you have had a good idea about our building, and construction services for homes and apartments in Newcastle on your behalf. You also had a good understanding of how Newcastle can be the best place for your new home. It’s a wonderful small city close to the sea and also close to the Australian capital Sydney. Your decision to make Newcastle your new home will reward you in many ways. Let’s consider how this location serves different classes of home seekers.

The process is going to start after you contact us and gather all of your information, ideas and requirements. We need to understand your needs before moving forward and discuss the option available to you, we want to provide a tailor made solution for your particular circumstance. Our skilled team is going to organise a visit by one of our hand picked professional licensed builders to visit your site location for inspection. After taking notes and information, the process of construction is going to move further.

Once the inspection is complete, our team is going to ask you your requirements and needs and provide you an affordable and high-quality build quotation. Once you make the required changes, you can choose to accept the quotation

After the quotation process is complete, the exterior and interior design process starts. We're going to provide you with your own building designer who's going to make sure every requirement is fulfilled in the design so that you're incredibly satisfied with the final product.

Your builder is then going to provide you a list of superb quality materials that you can choose from depending upon your liking and taste. These materials will be used both in the exterior and interior, you can also upgrade to any materials for an additional fee. There is no limit to your imagination turning into real life. Options are virtually unlimited on top of your many free inclusions provided by us.

After the approval is received, our incredibly professional builders are going to take little to no time to build the house of your dreams so that you can accommodate yourself in the living space accordingly.

After the approval is received, our incredibly professional builders are going to take little to no time to build the house of your dreams so that you can accommodate yourself in the living space accordingly.

We're now going to complete the house with the final touches. And after the completion, you're going to be given the keys to your brand new house. Your house along with all the requirements and specifications including fittings and plans will be ready for you to enter and live in. Your personal home-owning lives begin from here. Congratulations!

6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Building A New Home In NPort Stephens with us:


Get a better return on an affordable Granny Flat or House. Pay it off quicker, leverage faster, retire earlier!

First Home Buyers

Federal & State Government grants gets you closer to owning sooner!

Retirement Home

Be close to your family by building out the back while your kids move in the front for an affordable solution.


Create a cost effective chill out zone to work - rest - or play in. Add value to your property without spending a fortune!


A great way to scale back after the kids have gone. Reduce the rooms and the cleaning while putting money into your savings!

Home Lending

*We've found a great mortgage broker who can arrange loans that'll beat the banks. Have a chat with Dave and the team at Trilogy today!

Port Stephens Is a great Place To Build

Retirees, Investors, First Home Buyers and Upgraders:

  • Port Stephens has it all, boating, fishing, snorkeling, clean air and a great village atmosphere. It’s a great place to retire or bring up up a family.

    It’s has excellent local schools, fantastic shopping and a big country town feel by the ocean.

    Grouse House Homes offer the best solutions for if you’re looking for a quality home without the massive price tag.

    From our spacious Granny Flats all the way up to 4 Bedroom plans and much much more! We can construct from your floor plans or create any design you like using our own certified draftsmen. Your dream can be built by using your team of Grouse House national builders. 

    So why wouldn’t you give Grouse House a call today on 02 4058 4098 and lets build your dream together!

  • Contact us now

    Allow us to show you how easy it is to build a brand new home today. Our experienced team of real builders is ready to take your call and assist you with real answers. We want to educate you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision on how to turn your dream into a realty. Make a start today and call now, we cant build this without you!

There has never been a better time to build a new home in Newcastle than the present!

We make building a home you can be proud of easy.

Nobody could believe you could own a brand new home for this price!

So the Grouse House Home team had to prove them wrong 😃

New Home Open Plan Design Granny Flat

Open Plan

Wide Uncluttered Floor Plan

Affordable Home Builder

Top Quality

The Best Appliances & Materials

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Cost Efficient

Lower Deposit - Easier Access

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You Save

More Money In Your Pockets 💰

Affordable New Home

Built New - Just The Way You Like It ✔

These are The Suburbs we love to build new homes in:

  • Anna Bay
  • Balickera
  • Boat Harbour
  • Bobs Farm
  • Brandy Hill
  • Butterwick
  • Campvale
  • Corlette
  • Duns Creek
  • Eagleton
  • East Seaham
  • Fern Bay
  • Ferodale
  • Fingal Bay
  • Fishermans Bay
  • Fullerton Cove
  • Glen Oak
  • Heatherbrae
  • Hinton
  • Karuah
  • Kings Hill
  • Lemon Tree Passage
  • Mallabula
  • Medowie
  • Nelson Bay
  • Nelsons Plains
  • One Mile
  • Osterley
  • Oyster Cove
  • Raymond Terrace
  • Salamander Bay
  • Salt Ash
  • Seaham
  • Shoal Bay
  • Soldiers Point
  • Swan Bay
  • Tanilba Bay
  • Taylors Beach
  • Tomago
  • Twelve Mile Creek
  • Wallalong
  • Williamtown
  • Woodville