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Free Onsite Inspection

Once we’ve made contact simply send us your property address and one of our highly experienced team members will give your site a thorough inspection to see if we can uncover any council or site issues thus making the building process flow seamlessly with zero fuss.


On completion of your site inspection, our qualified team will provide you with a complete breakdown and detailed quote specifically designed for your site. This also include and customisation/additions from our range of extensive options.

Accept Quote

Now we kick off your design and approval stage! Then you sign off on the pre-construction agreement, you then pay the design deposit and we activate the building process. 

Design Process

You will be issued with your very own Design Coordinator to work with on the final design section of the project. This is the step where final design specifications are selected, includes the concept plan, detailed plans and the final confirmation of your block specifications to ensure your new home is built to the highest industry standards while adhering to all necessary regulations.

Start Selecting

Now it’s time to choose the interior and exterior colours, fixtures, fittings and finishes! You’ll have a great time going through a great range of options with one of our highly skilled experts who will guide you through all the wonderful options available.

Construction Contract

Before we can start building a construction deposit will be required along with your submission of Home Owners Warranty Insurance and signing of the BC4 Master Builders Contract (Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the paperwork)


Your dedicated team member will prepare and submit your building application to your local council or a private certifier. We’ll also liaise with other professionals to ensure all the boxes are ticked including applications, fees and obtain certificates on your behalf such as the BASIX. Balance of the design fee is now due on your application being submitted. (Now things are rolling!)


Once we get the contract signed we’ll issue you with a start dates. Weather permitting, right from the start date your new home will be completed within just 12 to 14 weeks! 

Practical Completion

Once your new home is complete we’ll set up an invitation to meet with you onsite with one of our Directors to walk with you over the completed project to identify any issues and cover any concerns. Grouse House Homes are fully committed to a 100% happy customer. Once you’re happy with everything we’ll request the final payment be made in accordance with the contract.


Time to pop the corks! Now it’s time to grab your keys and warranty info and take full possession of your brand new home! But it doesn’t end there! You’ve still got that $2000 holiday to take that’s included in your package remember? Now it’s time to relax, put your feet up and enjoy!

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